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Default Capital Management is an initiative of Legal Floris LLC. Launched after heavy losses for creditors in bank failure and investment fraud were exposed and customers had no possibility for further recourse after losing their life savings and pensions. Although Default Capital Management cannot guarantee a full repayment of the creditors outstanding claim, the staged process where we include traditional fund recovery strategies and alternative methods, allows and our customers to benefit from different transactions.

Our involvement in prolonged and difficult bank liquidations and complicated fraud cases, learned that most creditors of financial institutions misunderstand their position and mistakenly assume that their deposit or investment is somewhat guaranteed. Even when liquidity seems available, a liquidation can bring forward tax claims, regulatory fines and other prioritized claims resulting in a write down of the available liquidity for subordinated creditors, such as bank deposits over the insured and secured amount. In her pursuit for maximum payment to victims of bank closures and investment fraud, Legal Floris LLC aims to raise the potential payment to creditors.

During recent years, Legal Floris LLC has assisted over 2.000 creditors in bank failures and investment fraud, claiming an amount exceeding 750 Million USD. This substantial amount allows us to use creative approaches to fund recovery and ensure competitive remuneration for our services. Where possible, we combine a retainer with a performance-based fee. Since we cannot work for everyone, we invite you to discuss your case to see whether we can include your claim in our portfolio.

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