Real Estate

Financial institutions often use several offices. When these offices are owned by the institution, they contain value. In case of failure or proposed closure, the future liquidator can seek to realize the value of the properties and use the regained liquidity to pay the creditors. To ensure that creditors get a better outcome after the liquidation, Legal Floris LLC proposes to buy the bank’s assets from the liquidator on behalf of its clients and distributes the proceeds to them. This alternative fund recovery strategy allows the customers to benefit from all aspects of the recovery procedures.

Depending on the real estate portfolio, its market value and the possible active tenancy agreements, a portfolio can take time to materialize. However, the realisation of the underlying assets has a different meaning for the creditors of a financial institution since the purchase price for the assets is paid to the liquidator. Therefore, participating creditors of the financial institution benefit from both the liquidation as well as the profits of the realisation of the real estate portfolio. The aim of this strategy is to get as close to a full recovery of creditors claims in a liquidation.

To execute the process in a straightforward and efficient way, the best possible partners are selected.

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