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Asset recovery processes in bank failure and investment fraud cases are complex. Creditors are exposed to tedious legal procedures before payments are finally made. Even then, whilst protecting the legal insolvency hierarchy and the principle of pari passu, losses are often inevitable. The objective of our proactive strategy is to maximize recovery to our clients and therefore, Legal Floris LLC includes a variety of tactics of which Default Capital Management is just one.

Long term experience in (offshore) finance, banking, taxation and the legal industry allow Floris and his team to uncover untraditional yet sophisticated and successful recovery strategies for their clients. Fund recovery involves different steps, crucial to creditors, to achieve maximum recovery. Legal Floris LLC adopts a holistic strategy to fund recovery that ensures creditors to benefit from each step in the process.

Default Capital Management creates synergy between a corporate administration or liquidation by asset purchase programmes initiated by creditors aiming to utilize the assets of the financial institution and benefit from the available asset classes. The result is that clients of Legal Floris LLC often achieve a better position for distribution and recovery compared with creditors with a reactive attitude.

Since 2015, Legal Floris LLC is registered in Delaware, USA. This geographic location has several benefits for our clients whilst we both operate in common law and civil law jurisdictions. With a focus on alternative dispute resolution and pre-liquidation settlements, substantial creditor groups achieve favorable results on a staged basis.

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